Late last year I bought a faulty Transcendent Powertran 2000 – a DIY monosynth made in the 1970s which you could make at home. Instructions were available from `Electronics Today` magazine, with printed schematics and explanations of what what responsible for what on the PCB.

DSC01824Unfortunately, while this is in pristine condition, it suffers from a faulty oscillator. A fault which I have not yet resolved – and its a pretty big one seeing as it only has one oscillator! Using the audio input I am able to test a lot of the other functions and it seems to me that the ADSR, Filter and White Noise sections are working as normal.

With the available instructions online, you might think it would be an easy fix. Unfortunately, the PCB is split over 4 pages in the magazine and many of the (scanned) photos are blurry and quite low-res. Leading to questions such as Is it “R29 or B28?!” So I have done the world a service and produced an accurate reconstruction of the ENTIRE board:

T2000_PCBComplete with colour codings, this labels every element on the Powertran PCB as stated in the instructions. Please feel free to refer to this and please do contact me if you can see any errors.

I would love to hear from anyone who has any idea why the oscillator might not work!