Last year I bought a haggard old Jen SX1000 in awful condition. It was in pieces, falling apart and not outputting any noise. The reason I bought it is because the PCBs all looked pretty good. The first thing to do was clean up the thing, which was no mean feat. Having got it outputting some noise, I set about fixing some broken keys and found an ingenious method of replacing the original parts with a guitar string:

From then on it was a case of checking for dry joints, testing each board individually, until eventually it was back to full working order. So, with another Jen waiting in the wings, I took the plunge and modified this one. Lots of information about the mods can be found here and here

It`s a great machine to work on because its so simple – nothing is too complex to get to and all of the PCBs perform obvious functions. So, here is the result of my Jen adventure…the three mods!

Here`s a picture of Jenny as she is now! I`ve replaced the missing caps with plastic ones, not 100% authentic, but they look good to me.